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Luigi's 3-Level Laser Tag is FUN for ALL Ages!

What is LASER TAG?

Laser Tag is an exciting game of tag and Luigi's offers the only 3-Level Laser Tag facility in the area.. Each player has a phaser which emits a beam of light. The object is to "tag" other players with your phaser without getting tagged yourself. The player or team with the highest score at the end of each game wins! Game formats vary with group size.

Laser Tag Rules

  1. Walk at all times.
  2. Remain 5 feet away from opposing players.
  3. Keep two hands on the phaser at all times.
  4. Refrain from any physical contact.

Our Referees monitor all activity in the arena during game play. Parents are not required to supervise younger guests, but are encouraged to play!



  2. 30 Minute Session - $14/Person
  3. 60 Minute Session - $23/Person
  6. 30 Minute Session - $12/Person
  7. 60 Minute Session - $20/Person

A $3 per person deposit is required to make a 30 minute session Laser Tag reservation. A $6 per person deposit is required for a 60 minute session reservation.
  1. Coming Soon

Walk-Ins Welcome

Unless a party has rented the entire arena, walk-ins are always welcome to join in anytime! Playing with more people makes it more exciting! Groups of four or five can often play anytime, but calling ahead, checking availability, and reserving a playing time is highly recommended.


With 4500 sq. feet, Luigi's Laser Tag arena is the largest laser tag arena in the state! The arena has many coves and columns to hide behind, and is lit with black lights illuminating the amazing wall and obstacles. Multiple levels are accessible by ramps that allow for even more places to hide and from which to tag. Our uniquely designed arena ensures a different laser tag experience than you would get anywhere else!

Corporate Team Building
Adult Full Service Bar

Players can be divided into three different teams to compete in the same game. Up to to a maximum of 28 players can participate at one time. There are various types of games that can be played. The most common are two and three team co-operative free for all, and base games.

Teen Lock-Ins

Lock-Ins run from 11 pm-5am on Friday & Saturday nights and on Holiday Eve nights, except for Christmas Eve and Easter Eve.


There is no limitation on dates selected to book a Lock-In*. Dates are booked on a first-come/first-serve basis.


Groups must have a minimum of 25 participants.


One Chaperone for every 10 participants is required.

Teens At Laser Tag





"CHIPS" is what makes Luigi's Laser Tag more fun, more challenging, and more interesting than any other Laser Tag! During Base Games, players randomly receive a variety of "power-ups" than can make them invincible, increase rapid fire speed, or allowed to re-energize teammates. These are just a few of the CHIPS possibilities. Every three months, we change our formats to include new and exciting ways to play,. With CHIPS, Luigi's Laser Tag stays on the cutting edge.